Comoy's Extraordinnaire #83033 (SOLD 1/28/16)
The pipe is in excellent condition and for those of you who are
asking, yes, I can fit my thumb into the chamber.  I would not
call this a Grp. 6 in size, but it is larger than the Dunhill
template for a Grp. 5.  I hope that gives you a good picture of
its size. Vulcanite stem.  Used.
6" long, bowl 1.95" tall.  Weight: 1 5/8 oz., 46 grams. $250.
Pulvers' Prior Briar
P.O. Box 61146
Palo Alto, CA  94306

(650) 965-7403
1970 Dunhill Bruyere #211946
I can get that carbon off the rim, but the rim will still not be perfect
as there is a tiny bit of wear.  Otherwise, the pipe is in exc. cond.
It is a Grp. 4, although it does seem a bit small to me.  The draw is
wide open, but don't expect this kind of bend to take a cleaner
through to the bottom of the chamber.  I've seen this shape go
very quickly in the past.  Used.
4.85" long, bowl 2" (plus) tall.  Weight: 1 3/8 oz., 39 grams. $215.
Upshall P #8033100
Overall, the pipe is in good shape, but it definitely shows signs of
use.  The rim is not smooth and may have been sanded and
re-stained.  Or maybe not.  The logo has been buffed off the stem
and there is minor tooth chatter on it.  But the draw is wide-open,
the chamber is in fine cond., allowing for years of use, and the
outside bowl and long shank are in good cond., with no dings, etc.
6 1/4" long, bowl 1.7" tall.  Weight: 1.5 oz., 42 grams. Used. $85.
1994 Dunhill #1014162 (SOLD)
Group 4 and shape # 4103 in exc. cond.  In fact, the button
looks brand new and the inner rim is crisp.  Not many miles on
this pipe at all.  If you're looking for the quintessential Dunhill to
sport around in, at a low price, this is worth a peek.  Used.
5.6" long, bowl 1.9" tall.  Weight: 1 3/8 oz., 38 grams. $140.
Peterson Sherlock Holmes Meerschaum #12193 (SOLD)
An unsmoked Sherlock's Holmes meerschaum in a Grp 6 size, I
would guess.  The draw is open and the Holmes insignia is on
the sterling band.  Vulcanite stem.  New.
6 1/8" long, bowl 1.95" tall.  Weight: 1 5/8 oz., 46 grams. $150.
1937 Barling's Ye Olde Wood
It's nice stemwork, but it's not original stemwork, so I have no
idea how to price this gem.  The bowl is in very good cond., with
just a touch of wear on the inner rim.  The nomenclature on
both stem and silver are in exc., crisp condition.  The letter
revealing the date is a "B" and the initials of the Barling boys
are also on the silver.  It is a Grp. 4 in size, the draw is wide
open, so it should smoke great.  All that remains is for you to
find an old Barling's stem with logo somewhat intact.  Used.
5.9" long, bowl 1.75" tall.  Weight: 1.25 oz., 36 grams. $295.
1890 BBB #530104SR
This graceful pipe has a threaded horn tenon, which accounts
for the fact that the stem sits just a very little past perfectly
straight.  (The photo makes it seem much more severe than is
the case.)  The condition is excellent and the draw wide-open.
5.6" long, bowl 2" tall.  Weight: 1.75 oz., 48 grams. Price: $340
1966 Dunhill Bruyere ODA Shape 837 #37265
This pipe has been loved and smoked a lot, which may
account for it looking more like a root than a Bruyere.  Still, the
condition is very good, with a bowl rim that shows just a little
wear and a stem that has but minor indents, and a button that
is buffed down from its original sharpness.  Perhaps the most
interesting aspect is the date stamping.  It is originally stamped
1966, but then an underlined 7 follows, along with an
underlined 8.  This pipe must have hung around the factory for
quite a while.  the visible gap between stem and shank can
easily be fixed by a pipe repairman.  Original stem, I'm sure.
6 1/8" long, bowl 2.25" tall.  Weight: 2 1/8 oz., 61 grams. $225.
Barling's Make Ye Olde Wood #26753
The bowl, the rim, the chamber, the nomenclature are all in
exc. cond.  The shape # is a 3 digit 233 and the size is
stamped as EL.  It's about the size and shape of a Dunhill LB.  
The draw is wide-open, but the stem is almost assuredly new,
and the stem logo is definitely newly minted.   Vulcanite. Used
6" long, bowl 1.85" tall.  Weight: 1.5 oz., 41 grams. $225.
Charatan Executive #123818 (RESERVED)
Easily a Grp. 6 in size, and my thumb fits easily into the
chamber.  Somebody liked this pipe and smoked it a lot, but it is
still in good condition, although you can see the wear on the rim.
All the nomenclature is intact and legible, although considerably
buffed down.  The "L" is there.  Judging from the "V" channel in
the business end of the stem, this is an acrylic stem, and thus a
replacement, although the "CP" looks entirely legit to me as
does the stepped stem, although there is no "DC" stamping
visible to me on the shank.  There is a chip on the rim.  Used.
6" long, bowl 1.9" tall.  Weight: 2 5/8 oz., 74 grams. $85.
Comoy's Tawny Saddle #1014155 (SOLD 11/11/15)
I do believe the Tawny Saddle was the first pipe I ever bought
new as a pipe retailer.  I took out a re-sale license and went up
to the Merchandise Mart in San Francisco, and found that one
of the distributors sold pipes, including some Comoys.  This
would have been 1978.  The model I bought, for re-sale, was a
Tawny Saddle (can't remember the shape) and while I now take
for granted my buying at wholesale, up until then, my only
purchases were at garage sales and flea markets and estate
sales.  Buying the same way store owners bought was a heady
experience that first time.  I haven't thought of that in years.  
this one is in exc. cond., with fine cross grain and an open draw.
5.55" long, bowl 1.9" tall.  Weight: 1 3/8 oz., 40 grams. $50.
Dunhill  Group 2 Tanshell #715150
Yes, there is definitely wear on the inside of the rim, but the
difficult part of this pipe is translating the date stamp.  It's clear
enough, but after the "England," there's a '7' which should
indicate a 1967, but after that is an '
8' which would then
indicate a 1958 pipe, suggesting the '7' was a mistake.  Well
take your preference.  Used.
6" long, bowl 1.65" tall.  Weight: 7/8 oz., 26 grams. $135.
James Upshall P #12130 (SOLD 2/6/16)
Probably, a true Grp. 3 in size, which is awfully small for an
Upshall.  A very comfortable pipe in every way.  Exc. cond.,
open draw, vulcanite stem.  "Free Hand."  Used.
5.4" long, bowl 1.6" tall.  Weight: 1 1/8 oz., 32 grams. $95.
Pre-Transition Barling EL #37018RS (SOLD 3/11/16)
It's a Grp. 4 size, and the overall cond. is exc., with clean, crisp
orig. nomenclature.  There are some originality questions when
it comes to the case it is in and the logo on the stem.  Both
might be legit, but I'm not certain.  The case says "Special
Barling's," but the pipe does not say "Special."  Further, the
button of the stem does not quite reach into the button section
of the case.  The stem logo is even less easy to finger as  not
being original, and if it is a recent stamping, at least it was well
done.  Still..... Finally, I'm pretty sure someone re-worked the
rim.  It's just too good looking to be original for a pipe of this
vintage.  There is no shape #, but that is not unusual in an old
Barling.  All-in-all, it's a very nice pipe, but not museum quality.
It's perfect if one wants to smoke an old Barling with a lot of life
left in it.  Used.  
5.6" long, bowl 1.8" tall.  Weight: 1 1/8 oz., 31 grams. $275.
Sasieni Four Dot Oom Paul Walnut #1128072 (SOLD 3/19)
The nomenclature is no longer crisp on this old buzzard,  but
it's there and it's legible.  The cond. is is exc., for both the stem
and the bowl, including the crisp rim.  The draw is wide open,
but I must say the draft hole is drilled quite high.  Used pipe.
4.65" long, bowl 2.2" tall.  Weight: 1 5/8 oz., 47 grams. $145.
1962 Dunhill Root Briar #121136 (SOLD 2/20/16)
Assuredly, if this pipe, from this era, were a Shell, it would not
be offered for sale to the great unwashed, i can tell you that.
It's a Grp. 4 in nearly excellent cond. (there is some barely
perceptible wear on the inner rim of the bowl).  The shank is
stamped "F/T" and it does have a fishtail bit, but it's in such
pristine condition that I had to question its originality.  Looking
at the dot under the lens, I can find no good reason to question
its originality, and if it is a replacement stem, it is a more than
exceptional job, so no price deduction for you there.  
5.75" long, bowl 1.7" tall.  Weight: 1 oz., 28 grams. $245.
1961 Dunhill Shell #79577PN (SOLD)
Between Friendlies, Amitys and Cherry Woods I can't keep up
with the names of Dunhill's flat-bottomed pipes.  But that's what
pictures are for.  This pipe is in exc. cond., is designated Grp. 4
and is shape #483 F/T if all  that matters to you.  The draw is
open and it tastes like a good latakia, so no aromatics used.
6 1/8" long, bowl 1.7" tall.  Weight: 1 oz., 30 grams. $$350.
Barling's Guinea Grain #26743
A touch of wear is visible at one part of the inner bowl rim, and
the logo on the stem is freshly stamped.  The "Barling" is in
script; family era Guinea Grains employ a "Barling's," with an
apostrophe 's'.  The 4 digit shape number is 5291 so the
conclusion is that this is post family production.   It appears to
be a Grp. 4 in size with a wide-open draw.  Used.
5.25" long, bowl 1.85" tall.  Weight:1oz., 27 grams. $85.
Comoy's Monaco #12393 (SOLD)
Comoy's shape 1057, or probably originally 57.  You can look it
up if you're a detail person.  The "Monaco" is not an old
Comoy's grade and the "C" is not made of 3 parts, as in the
older pipes.  And I do see a fill.  However, the wood looks quite
good, the draw is open and a cleaner passes through to the
chamber, with a mild twist.  The condition is excellent: no chatter
on the stem.  Vulcanite stem and used.
5.2" long, bowl 1.6" tall.  Weight: 1 7/8 oz., 54 grams. $65.
1997 Ashton XXX Old Church #37002RS (SOLD 3/12/16)
This is large for a 3X Ashton, a Grp.  6 and the condition of the
pipe is excellent.  The draw is wide-open.  The blast exhibits a
fine ring grain and the chamber walls are thick.  Used.
6" long, bowl 2" tall.  Weight: 2 1/8 oz., 62 grams.   $245
Peterson's Kildare #821433
With no P-lip as an impediment, the draw here is wide-open.  
Further, the bowl is not coated with black stuff (although it does
appear to be stained).  I'd call it between a Grp. 5 & Grp. 4. New
5.75" long, bowl 1.75" tall.  Weight: 1.5 oz., 41 grams. $75.
Pre-Transition Barling #37024RS (RESERVED)
This old pipe is in excellent condition.  In talking with a knowl-
edgeable Barling collector (he bought the one in the case) I
came to know that the shape #, 71A, and the stem shape
indicate a pipe that might well be from the 1930's.  I'm not
making that claim and it doesn't matter because regardless of
its birth date, it's a fine, fine Billiard.  No size is stamped on it,
but it's at least an EXEL.  Vulcanite stem.  Used.
6" long, bowl 1.9" tall.  Weight: 1 5/8 oz., 47 grams. $275.
1962 Dunhill 120 #79570PN (SOLD 11/30/15)
Certainly this is one of Dunhill's most sought-after shape, most
probably because of its swan-like grace.  Although there is a
"6" in front of the "120," there is a Grp. 4 stamp on the shank,
so it has to go down as a 4, but it's quite large for that designa-
tion.  The condition is excellent, with no tooth marks or rim
wear.  The draw is open, too & with the slightest twist a  cleaner
goes right through to the chamber bottom.  Used.  
6" long, bowl 2.15" tall.  Weight: 1 7/8 oz., 52 grams. $450.
Northern Briar Rox Cut Regal #215022
This is marked a Grp. 4, but it's much larger than a Dunhill Grp.
4 in size.  It's at least a 5.  The cut on this pipe is less sharp
than on the Premier listed just above.  It's a classic British
Billiard and provides Ian's superb value in his typical fashion.
6" long, bowl 2" tall.  Weight: 1 7/8 oz., 54 grams. New. $190.
Northern Briars Rox Cut Premier 4 #215058 (SOLD 10/27)
There's a lot of bowl capacity in this extremely comfortable (but
rough textured) pipe.  If you like rubbing the pipe with your
hand and fingers as you smoke, the Rox Cut pipes made by
Ian Walker are for you like no other.  This one is a Grp. 5 in
size with an open draw and with just a little bend in the tip of the
cleaner, it goes right through to the chamber bottom.  new.
5.35" long, bowl 1.95" tall.  Weight: 1 3/4 oz., 51 grams. $220.
Peterson Premier #121222 (SOLD 3/4/16)
The sandblast pattern here is perhaps as good a ring grain as I
have seen on a Peterson.  The drawback is the rim of the bowl,
which was poorly topped by somebody.  Past that, though, the
worst I can say about the pipe is that the silver needs polishing.
One in my august position does not polish silver (although, of
course, I do take out the garbage when gently reminded by you
know who).  The hallmark indicates it's a 1976.  Used.  
5.45" long, bowl 1.75" tall.  Weight: 1 5/8 oz., 46 grams. $40.
Pre-Republic Peterson #822504
There is no grain on one side of the bowl, and a visible fill on
the front of the bowl.  The pipe is made in Ireland and the cond.
is very good, with just a bit of wear on the rim.  The band looks
original, as there is no crack in shank.   with Grp. 4 size. Used
5.75" long, bowl 1.85" tall.  Weight: 1 3/8 oz., 40 grams. $75.
Charatan Selected #1130523
Big.  Well, you don't have to hear it from me...take it from the
Charatan people who stamped this one "Extra Large."  My
thumb swims in the bowl (well, it would, if it could swim).  The
cond. is good, with the carbon and slight wear you see on the
inner rim and minor tooth chatter on the bottom of the stem.  
The nomenclature includes the Lane "L"  and everything else is
crisp, except the "CP" logo on the stem, which is barely visible.
7 1/8" long, bowl 2.2" tall.  Weight: 2 3/4 oz., 78 grams. $165.
Pre-Transition Barling's Special EXEL #101470AG
The pipe shape # is 447 and the residue of the original stem is
visible.  Also, the cond. is exc., with a very clean stem and bowl
rim.  If there is any drawback to this pipe, I think that the thick-
ness of the wall is not in proper proportion the the diameter of
the chamber.  I would guess that the pipe might thus smoke
hot.  Yet, the pipe is used and there is no hot, or dark, spots on
bowl, so one can presume it does not smoke hot.  
5.5" long, bowl 1.95" tall.  Weight: 1 3/8 oz., 39 grams. $200
BBB #83024SR
The stamping on the band does not add up to a hallmark date,
so I don't know the exact year of this pipe, but the hole at the
end of the stem indicates a very old pipe, as does the sold
"BBB" stamped on the shank, without any other identifying info.
It is a Grp. 2 in size.  Other than the wear on the rim, the pipe is
in excellent cond.  You can see the diamond outline of the BBB
logo on the stem, but the letters have been buffed off. Used.
5" long, bowl 1.5" tall.  Weight: 1 oz., 28 grams. $135.
Comoy's 1989 Christmas Pipe #37275
What, pray tell me, makes this a "Christmas" pipe?  Is it even
Christmas worthy?  Yes, I think Christ would have been a pipe
smoker.  No doubt.  But to commemorate his birthday (which
likely was not Dec. 25th, but that's a nother story) his mother
was astute enough not to have been caught buying him this
pipe.  What shape do you imagine Jesus would have smoked?
Anyhow, this pipe is in very good cond., although there is a  
tooth indent on the bottom of the stem.  The draw is open. Used.
What may look like fills in the top pic are simply bowl dings.
5.75" long, bowl 1.55" tall.  Weight: 1 3/8 oz., 40 grams. $65
1995 Ashton XXX Old Church #37008RS (SOLD 3/10/16)
A Grp. 5 in size and in exc., cond, this pipe is originally from the
collection of exclusive U.S. importer/distributor of Ashton pipes
from their inception, David Field.  Knowing David, it's clear he
retained this because of its deep, ring grain blast.  When it was
sold on eBay, it commanded over $400, but Uncle Marty
doesn't play that (unless there's something in it for him), so you
can get this classic gem for a lot less.  Just show me the money.
5.6" long, bowl 1.85" tall.  Weight: 1 3/8 oz., 41 grams. $265
GBD Speciale Standard #101487AG (SOLD 3/24/16)
Shape 9438 from GBD & made in France, the company's
original home.  Other than that little indent on the top of the rim,
and a very small ding on the bottom of the bowl (which I forgot to
photograph...pardon me, please)  the pipe is in exc. cond.  The
draw is open and nice cross grain is exhibited.  Used.
5" long, bowl 1.7" tall.  Weight: 2 oz., 58 grams. $85.
Charatan Executive #101457AG (SOLD 11/25/15)
There is no "L" on this pipe, so I don't know if it's post Lane,
pre-Lane or European.  Most definitely the grain qualifies it as
an Executive, which would not likely be the case for a post-Lane
Charatan.  But there are two things that make me suspicious,
without which I would have no doubt about it's Charatan factory
origins: one is the "Made by Hand" stamping, which is not
followed by "in the City of London" or any other locale
designation.  This could mean nothing more than the pipe was
made just before lunchtime and the pipe maker has no interest
in looking for another stamp.  Believe me, pipes were not
stamped with the possible collector in mind.  Two is the flat
bottom, yet the pipe does not sit up.  That is not smart or good
pipe making.  I decry that kind of laziness.  Yet the stem is great
and flat and very comfortable...worthy of any pipe in the world.
Oh, wait...I just tried to put a pipe cleaner through, and it does
go through to the chamber, but in looking I noticed that the hole
is drilled so high that you will need to get a cab from that air
hole to the bottom of the chamber.  So disappointing.  Used.
6" long, bowl 1.75" tall.  Weight: 1 7/8 oz, 52 grams. $65.
1967 Dunhill LBS Root Briar #416169SR
The cross grain and Bird's Eye on this pipe are terrific, and the
condition of the pipe is very good, with only a little wear on the
inner rim of the chamber.  There is also a tooth mark on the
bottom of the stem.  It is a Group 4 in size, but it is still large.
5.9" long, bowl 2" tall.  Weight: 1 5/8 oz., 46 grams. $325.
Sasieni Four Dot Moorgate #822419  (SOLD)
This is an old Sasieni, with a Pat. #, although much of it has
been buffed to near illegibility.  Despite its age, the pipe's
cond. is exc., but there are two deep indents on the top of the
stem.  I apologize for having forgotten to photograph that part of
the stem.  Used.
5.3" long, bowl 1.75 tall.  Weight: 1.25 oz., 35 grams. $75.
1967 Dunhill Bruyere #213001 (Not Available)
It's a Grp. 4 and the coloration is now more like a Root than a
Bruyere.  It's in excellent cond., although I will have to ream out
the bowl before mailing it out.  By now you know that '67 was
the last full year of bench-made Dunhills. At some point in '68
they started turning bowls 8 at a time.  Along with this narrow,
comfortable stem is a wide-open draw.  Used.
5.65" long, bowl 1.65" tall.  Weight: 1.25 oz., 37 grams. $225.
1937 Dunhill #1014144 (SOLD 11/1/15)
Because the dates are not specifically delineated between 1927
& 1941, I'm not 100% sure of the year of this pipe's production,
but it definitely has the U.S. Pat. number, so I am as good as
sure.  The cond. is quite good, and maybe even exc.  The worst
things I can say about it is that the stem is a bit buffed where it
meets the shank & the nomenclature is buffed down but not out.
6" long, bowl 1.3" tall.  Weight: 7/8 oz., 24 grams.  Used.  $245.
Peterson Standard System Shape 312 #37270
It is shape 312, but not XL, although it seems a bit larger than a
standard size to me.  Maybe not.  Anyhow, Peterson is a well
known commodity and in this case the pipe is unsmoked.  
5.3" long, bowl 2" tall.  Weight: 2 1/8 oz., 59 grams. $95.
1967 Dunhill Bruyere #525066 (Not Available)
As this pipe is unsmoked, not a lot need be said about it.  It is a
Group 4, and was produced the last full year that Dunhill was
bench made one-at-a-time.  It has a fish tail stem.  New.
5.8" long, bowl 1.65" tall.  Weight: 1 oz., 27 grams. $425
1912 BBB #37029RS (RESERVED)
If you revere the quality and tradition of the old English pipes, as
do I, this is the kind of pipe you hope to you can both
admire and smoke.  The cond. is exc. and it's a Grp. 5 in size,
which I don't think was all that common in 1912.  Besides the date,
the hallmarked band tells that his pipe was sold by Abercrombie &
Fitch, a New York outfitter of gentleman's hunting gear, back then.
5.85" long, bowl 1.95" tall.  Weight: 1.5 oz., 42 grams. Used. $245.
1949 Dunhill PO Shell #79538PN (SOLD)
This old guy (but not as old as me) is in excellent condition
(about which I can not make the same claim) with only the
slightest of tooth chatter on the bottom of the stem to mar the
near pristine look of the pipe.  The draw is open and the drilling
is where it should be, at the bottom of the chamber.  I'm sure
it's a Grp. 4, but the PO shape is typically small.  for some
reason, this once popular shape is rarely made today.  Used.
5" long, bowl 1.4" tall.  Weight: 1 1/8 oz., 33 grams. $425.
1977 Dunhill 522 SHELL 818126  (RESERVED)
This is the 120 shape with a saddle stem.  It's a large pipe, so I
am going to take it that the '5' of the shape number also refers
to the Group size of the pipe.  It is in exc. cond., with a wide-
open draw and construction that takes a cleaner through to the
bottom of the chamber (I gave it a little twist is all).  The rim is
clean and crisp and the stem is bite-free.  Used.
6" long, bowl 2.3" tall.  Weight: 2 1/8 oz., 60 grams. $150.
1971 Dunhill SHELL 120 #818143 (SOLD 8/30/15)
This shape typically calls itself a Grp. 4, despite their relatively
large size compared to other Dunhill Group 4s.  The condition
here is excellent with a crisp chamber inner rim and a wide-open
draw.  A pipe cleaner goes straight through the shank to the
bottom of the chamber and the stem is bite-mark free.  
5.9" long, bowl 2.15" tall.  Weight: 1.75 oz., 48 grams. $265.
1965 Dunhill Root Briar #818160 (SOLD)
Made during Dunhill's golden age, which means while each pipe
was individually bench made.  The cond. is very good, with only
a touch of inner rim wear and a a few very minor tooth marks on
the bottom of the stem.  The stem is original and the draw is
wide-open.  It is a Grp. 4 in size.  Used.
6 1/8" long, bowl 1.4" tall.  Weight: 1 1/8 oz., 33 grams. $165.
1990 Dunhill LBS Grp. 5 Shell  (SOLD 1/29/16)
This pipe could accurately be characterized as near-new.  Every
thing is clean and crisp with no carbon residue.  Great.  The
band, it must be said, is not gold, but is gold plated. This is the
first time, it has been said, that Dunhill (if the company can
currently really be considered "Dunhill," which I don't think it
can be) has used a junk band.  Inscribed on it is "Classic
Series.  Dunhill must now consider junk to be classic.  The draw
is wide-open.  Used.
6" long, bowl 2" tall.  Weight: 1.5 oz., 43 grams. $225.
Charatan Special #92030  (SOLD)
This is a Grp 6 in size, and in exc. cond., with thick walls.  It is
from the Lane era and the type face on the stamping plus the
shape of the button puts this in the 50's or early 60's I would
strongly guess.  There is a shallow tooth indent on the bottom
of the stem of not much consequence.  The patina tells you that
this is from fine, old briar.  Used.  
6.25" long, bowl 2.15" tall.  Weight: 2.25 oz., 64 grams. $85
Charatan Special #822457 (SOLD 9/7/15)
In some aspects it's a Grp. 5 in size, and in some aspects
(height of bowl) it's a Grp. 6.  In any case, my thumb can fit into
the chamber.  It is from the Lane era and the cond. is exc.
except for the very shallow tooth marks on the top of the stem.
5.5" long, bowl 2.15" tall.  Weight: 1.25 oz., 37 grams. Used. $75
1936 Pat. Number Dunhill #822490
Such a simple pipe should not be the source of so much confu-
sion, but it is for me.  First of all, there is no designation regard-
ing Bruyere or Root finish.  The nomenclature is buffed way
down, but except for a few numbers at the beginning of the Pat.
everything is visible.  Then, The Pat. # should be, according to
Loring's book, a U.S. patent, but no "U.S." is stamped on the
shank.  Further, the patent number that is on the shank is
supposed to have been used only from 1937-1941, but the
underlined number after the "England," is pretty clearly a 16,
making the pipe, presumably, a 1936 production.  Well, if you
like mysteries, you can buy this and figure it out for yourself.
I've given you all the info I can provide.  The condition is very
good, with no tooth marks onthe stem (original?  I don't know
for sure.  It certainly is an old stem, but the dot is a bit
whiter than I might expect) & very little wear on the chamber rim.
6 1/8" long, bowl 1.75" tall.  Weight: 1.25 oz., 34 grams. $250..